The Hanging Lantern Company Reveals Top Tips for Party Lighting

(PRWEB UK) 5 June 2013

Summer is always a time when people want to leave their winter cocoons and enjoy social get-togethers with friends and family. Once the evening sets in after a lovely sunny day, the right lighting can make or break a party mood; if done right, it sets a warm, welcoming tone which makes a space appear charmingly inviting so that people can relax and let their hair down.

Popular online retailer the Hanging Lantern Company explains how to create the ideal atmosphere for socialising and festivities with need-to-know lighting tips:

Timeless Ambience

One of the best forms of lighting to create a beautiful, relaxed ambience is to place candles strategically throughout the party area (in winter a fireplace would be just the ticket). The Hanging Lantern Company warns however that especially if there are children about, hosts need to ensure that the candles cannot be knocked over.

Another timeless yet lovely form of lighting used since antiquity is Chinese Lanterns. Now available conveniently online in a range of sizes and colours, they never fail to make an area look magical and cosy. If people are worried about the candles inside catching the paper alight in the case of a sudden gust of strong wind or tampering by children, the good news is that reputable retailers currently sell Chinese Lanterns that can be fitted with a specialised LED battery light.

Flattering Not Harsh

One of the worst lighting mistakes at a party is to have harsh overhead lighting; the glare is unflattering and can make people uncomfortable. The Hanging Lantern Company advises hosts to turn off all overhead lights (unless they have a low-watt chandelier or a single spot of light on a table top) and replace them with lamps. Again, these should all have low-watt bulbs, and a further idea is to replace white bulbs with the coloured variety such as red or green. Alternatively, if the design of the lamp allows for it, throwing a lightly coloured piece of material over the top always creates a lovely glow.

Outdoor Charm

If party hosts are lucky enough to have a garden, there is nothing nicer in summer on a balmy evening than to sit outside and have a BBQ. To create a wonderland for guests, it?s a great idea to string fairy lights along with Chinese Lanterns outside. People can also buy specialised fire torches that are simply pegged into the grass. The Hanging Lantern Company also advises hosts to switch off outdoor security lights since their sudden glare is highly obtrusive and hardly conducive to a relaxing ambience.

Rob Payne, owner of the Hanging Lantern Company, concluded: ?With a tiny amount of creativity, lighting can create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing, fun party. We trust that our top tips will help people set the ideal mood without any fuss.?

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